Recent Mining Projects

Our projects span all of our practice areas in similar proportions; each project is delivered to a high standard, paying attention to Our Approach that maximises our communication with the client and ensures we fulfil our mission of helping our clients make better decisions.  Some recent projects of which we are particularly proud include:



Junior iron ore miner

In-depth review of the logistical challenges / opportunities for a potential Mongolian iron ore mine

Major diversified miner

Evaluation of market for high arsenic copper concentrates – estimated discount rates

State government

Forecast of commodity shipments going forward as input into royalty revenue estimate

Private coal company

Evaluation of potential in steel industry as market for other coal products (excluding metallurgical coal)

Mid-tier copper company

Evaluation of transportation costs and logistical constraints in Chile

National rail company in commodity rich country

Minerals potential to 2040 in specific regions of the country

Large private mining/trading company

Input into their IPO prospectus (recent IPO input for various clients has covered Iron ore, coal, copper, cobalt, tin, manganese, molybdenum, aluminium.)

Major mining equipment supplier

Development of company specific index for basket of commodities on price, ore production and capital expenditure – directly related to client’s revenue streams

Private equity company

Evaluation of competitiveness of an early stage Uranium project

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