The CRU Consulting Approach

People image 1We understand that the purchase of consultancy is a non-tangible and trust in both the CRU brand and our consultancy team is inherent in the choices our clients make in commissioning work.  We work hard to reward that trust and deliver value, adopting the following principles in our project approach:

  • We only accept assignments within the mining, metals and fertilizer industries; we know these markets well because we are part of the industry.  We have no learning curve to climb and that translates into better, more focused proposals and value-add from the very start.
  • CRU has over 200 analysts across the world, monitoring the commodity markets – we aim to deliver informed opinion, based on the most recent data, to ensure our clients have the necessary information to assist their decision making process
  • Good projects are born from good proposals and these come from strong communication with the client – our consultants are encouraged to discover the goals and objectives of the commission.  By truly understanding the real objectives and challenges facing our clients, we can structure our proposal and project to deliver.
  • Our projects, given their commodity focus, deliver a global perspective from a global company.  Offices and senior consultants in Europe, China, India, Australia, North and South America facilitate this – in fact, it is our second nature.
  • Our independence is held dear by us and many of our clients.  We do not work for success fees and we retain tight control on the use of our data and reports in the public domain.
  • We will respond quickly to requests and provide realistic schedules for our projects; we have completed over a thousand projects in the last decade and we take pride in delivering on time.
  • Our consultants enjoy their work and are motivated by delivering focussed work that assists our clients make important decisions.
  • Over half our projects come from returning clients and we regularly seek feedback with the objective of increasing this strong statistic.

Some of the work we have done in recent years that fills us with pride includes:

  • Delivering real insight into a due diligence process through unrivalled access to market players that other consultants struggle to provide.
  • Building and delivering complex models that assist our clients to run scenarios and understand the impact of their actions on different markets.
  • Incorporating risk into our models in a transparent way – allowing clients to input their own perspectives into markets (which may often differ from ours!) and discover valuable opportunities.

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