Recent Ferilizer Projects

Our projects span all of our practice areas in similar proportions; each project is delivered to a high standard, paying attention to Our Approach that maximises our communication with the client and ensures we fulfil our mission of helping our clients make better decisions.  Some recent projects of which we are particularly proud include:



Brazilian state oil company

Outlook and scenarios for sulphur based products

Major diversified miner

Emerging state owned mining company Market entry study for new phosphate mine

Major European investment bank

Presentation / workshop on general outlook for Fertilizer markets

Major gold company 

Elemental sulphur market study

Major diversified mining company

Detailed review of fertilizer demand generated by Chinese dietary changes / food demand

Major Japanese investment bank

Due diligence for phosphate rock project 

Junior mining company

Aluminium fluoride market study

Ammonia producer

Explosive grade ammonium nitrate market study

Junior mining company

Long term outlook for potash production in Africa

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