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Manganese ferroalloy production costs jump, but will there be a lasting effect?

Author:Jorn de LindeDate:22 March 2017

Steep increases in manganese ore and metallurgical coke prices during 2016 triggered a sharp rebound in total HC FeMn and SiMn production costs. This escalation extended into early-2017, but there are clear signs that the rally has lost momentum. Notably, the upward pressure on production costs has abated as raw materials prices have started to retreat. This insight discusses the likely trajectory of manganese ferroalloy production costs through to 2021, focusing on the main factors that will drive costs over that period and the implications for future prices.

IF-closures: limited upside for hot metal production

Author:Richard LuDate:20 March 2017

China is taking action to remove low quality steel output, which is mostly produced by induction furnaces (IFs), by the end of June this year. CRU recently published a Special Feature in the Metallics Market Outlook that analyses why IFs have been targeted and shows why these closures present an upside to hot metal production, albeit limited. CRU’s baseline analysis suggests a complete clean up of the IF sector would result in a surplus 21 Mt of scrap that would need an increase in BOF and EAF scrap rates to consume. We see it as likely that this scrap will be consumed, but there is some limited upside for hot metal production

Is pig iron production in northern Brazil at an end?

Author:Thais TerzianDate:20 March 2017

Queiroz Galvão’s former blast furnaces have been closed by their new owners, but this does not spell the end of pig iron production in northern Brazil

Chinese HR coil exports to come under pressure in 2017

Author:Nick EdstromDate:17 March 2017

Over the past couple years, trade cases have become an increasingly important factor in the dynamics of the global steel market, and the number of trade cases continues to grow

India a net steel sheet exporter: why, and will it remain so?

Author:Puneet PaliwalDate:17 March 2017

India became a net exporter of steel sheet products in May 2016 and has expanded its net export position ever since due to: Falling imports owing to variety of trade barriers robustly imposed by the Indian government; Recent capacity additions resulting domestic steel sheet production expansion outpacing underwhelming demand growth, thereby pushing Indian steel makers to seek export orders; Trade action taken against large exporters who are in competition with Indian exporters, allowing Indian supplies to gain share in export markets.

Trade barriers continue to shake up European long products markets

Author:Leanne CassDate:14 March 2017

Over the past couple years, trade cases have become an increasingly important factor in the dynamics of the global steel market, and the number of trade cases continues to grow

A granular analysis of China’s housing market

Author:Grant ColquhounDate:07 March 2017

Residential real estate is a key driver of the Chinese economic outlook and, particularly, the outlook for metals demand.

Hard coking coal to fuel steel growth in India

Author:Will MayDate:28 February 2017

India will be the single largest driver of global steel demand growth over the next 20 years

EU funds boosting ailing CEE construction to add 1 Mt to steel demand

Author:Yannick StillerDate:21 February 2017

Disbursement of EU funds is expected to accelerate this year and the launch of new recipient infrastructure projects will be one of the most important drivers for investment and GDP growth in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Rollers driving down costs to achieve higher returns

Author:Kelly DriscollDate:21 February 2017

The following Insight looks in detail at the drivers of costs in aluminium rolling and how the major companies have fared in the face of a challenging competitive environment.

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