CRU Fertilizers – developments in our market outlooks

At CRU, we are constantly investing in our research to provide you with the most comprehensive analysis and forecasting service anywhere in the world. Our portfolio of seven outlooks are now published in a new format, which will be easier to use and with transparent and robust methodologies covering supply, demand, and pricing – both in the medium and long term.

Here are the forecast services that we currently offer:


CRU has developed its analysis of agriculture markets to create a country-level crop-by-crop nutrient demand model, based on trends in planted acreage and application rates. Combined with our insights into current market trends and the feedback of crop prices and fertilizer prices into short-term demand, this provides you with a unique view of future fertilizer demand by nutrient, providing the strongest ever foundation for our commodity demand forecasts.


CRU’s comprehensive site-by-site databases of current and planned supply provides a robust and transparent forecast of capacity. This transparency allows you to clearly understand our data and develop your own scenarios.

Fert3Each outlook uses supply and demand analysis to provide a detailed forecast for prices, with a particular focus on the upside and downside risk in the short to medium term. Each publication will provide a detailed rationale of price movements with insights not only into the price change but the driver behind the change. Our robust methodology will give you the confidence to use our data in your own analysis.

Fert4The outlooks will now provide a separate appendix covering supply, demand and prices in the long term based on CRU’s long run marginal cost methodology and our analysis of future marginal capacity. This ensures you will have a unique view of market fundamentals for the next 25 years, supporting your long-term decisions.

Fert5Each publication will provide a consistent and up-to-date view of the market, leading to the most robust forecast available, clearly explained and with a fuller executive summary. Five outlooks are published every three months and two are published every six months. This will ensure that you are kept thoroughly and systematically updated on the market throughout the year.

Fert6Market outlook customers benefit from exclusive access to the international teams of analysts. You can phone them to discuss our forecasts and our insights into the markets. We can also arrange face to face meetings at your offices.

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