What are your weekly prices based on?

You can get full details of our pricing methodology by clicking here

I have forgotten my password or it does not work - what do I do?

You can request a new password by going to the log in page and clicking the relevant link. A new password will be emailed to your registered email address (you can then change it to whatever you like)

I am getting more email alerts than I want – how can I change that?

Log in and go to your account page. There you can choose which emails you get every week.

How can I get data on historical prices?

The Fertilizer Week service provides detailed prices going back four weeks on each dashboard, as well as allowing you to analyse prices going back 24 months in the interactive pricing tool. If you want to purchase full historical pricing, contact julie.cunningham@crugroup.com

Can I share PDFs or my password with colleagues?

When you subscribe to Fertilizer Week you are agreeing to abide by our copyright rules – it is against the terms of this agreement to share content from the service with people who have not paid for it. If you share your password with others, it will prevent you from using it.

A colleague is interested in the service – what happens if I recommend it?

We want you to recommend Fertilizer Week to colleagues – email their details to julie.cunningham@crugroup.com and if they do subscribe you will receive a discount when you next renew your own subscription.

Can I download charts from the service, such as in the interactive pricing tool?

Yes, merely right click with your mouse on the chart and you will be able to copy it to your own documents. Please ensure you credit Fertilizer Week.

How can I access a previously published PDF?

All PDFs published by the system are available in the document lib rary, which is accessible in your account page.

How do I choose which is the default page when I open the service every time?

If you go to the account page, you can select which dashboard is your default – you can change this whenever you want.

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