Flexible, Personal and Responsive


Across a comprehensive range of commodities, we strive to provide customers with the best service and the closest contact – flexible, personal and responsive.

CRU’s mission is to provide market-leading service through close contact with our customers. Our analysts and price assessors interact with market participants frequently.

This takes many forms. Customers ask questions about the analysis, prices and data they buy and the markets we cover, whether by email or telephone. We can arrange meetings, both face to face and remotely. We also work with many customers to deliver a bespoke conference call presentation at least once a year.

We are proactive – if our analysts have insights, data and information they think a customer would value, we make sure it is delivered to them, in a timely manner.  We help customers get the maximum value from the products they buy, and we add further value to the core products by providing topical CRU Insights.

Our global teams based in key markets mean that we are close to customers, as well as close to the issues that matter to them. This allows us to constantly seek to develop and improve services and the way they are delivered in response to feedback.

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