CRU’s insights are built on a twin commitment to quality primary research and robust, transparent methodologies that we have built ourselves and rigorously tested.

The CRU methodology is based on three principles:

  • We use data from primary research
  • We analyse and interpret the data ourselves, in person
  • We deliver our insights in a format that will be useful to our customers

Firstly, we rely on proprietary data that stems from our own teams’ research into the market.  Secondly, we have built up an extensive team of analysts with commodity specialism and varying perspectives on the market.

We don’t rely on other people’s models and methodologies. Whether it is forecasting demand, supply and prices, calculating site costs or assessing prices, our work is based on a proprietary foundation, developed over many years.

This means that by understanding a commodity at all levels of the market, our final insight delivers a complete view.  In cases where customers come to us with a question on a specific trend, issue or event, our consultants and analysts work together to find the answers in a consistent way.  The basis of our responses are transparent.  Our methodology is detailed, documented and transparent.  Where answers depend on uncertain assumptions and data, we will say so.

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