Primary Research


CRU’s primary research is built on a twin commitment to quality primary research and robust, transparent methodologies.

Primary research is a fundamental part of our research process as we seek to understand what is happening in the commodities markets.  Our global team of analysts, located in the key commodity regions and across the value chain, allows us to deliver in-depth insights alongside the data.  Primary research also requires a range of skills, which is why our analyst teams are made up of economists, metallurgists, geologists, chemists, engineers and mathematicians, all working together.

Primary research at CRU:

  • CRU’s global team uses CRU’s worldwide network of customers and contacts to undertake site and other client facility visits, exchange market intelligence with customers, and make timely price assessment and market calls.
  • CRU’s regional and country specialists lead local primary research efforts to create robust regional market views.
  • CRU’s commodity specialist teams use their contacts and the global offices to gather primary intelligence and create in-depth and robust commodity market views.
  • CRU seeks a two-way discussion and customers are encouraged to speak to the teams. Through this direct contact customers are able to make their own judgement on the value of CRU’s primary research.
  • CRU has dedicated downstream sector experts who challenge simple ‘apparent demand’ analysis through their bottom-up sector analysis.

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