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China Steel Service

Frequency Daily China Steel Service

The China Steel Service brings together high quality daily and weekly price assessments with our insight into steel mill production and conversion costs, trade data, and analysis of the Chinese export markets produced by CRU’s China-based team of analysts.

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Chrome Monitor

Frequency Monthly

The Chrome Monitor offers monthly analysis on the global industry of chrome.

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Cobalt Market Outlook

Frequency Annual Cobalt Market Outlook

The Cobalt Market Outlook provides an in-depth examination of the global cobalt industry, from mining to end-use sectors.

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Copper Concentrates Market Outlook

Frequency Bi-Annual Copper Concentrates Market Outlook

The Copper Concentrates Market Outlook comprehensively covers the global market fundamentals of the copper raw materials, bi-products and TC/RC's industries

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Copper Cost Curve

Frequency Annual Copper Cost Curve

The Copper Cost Curve Service provides full industry cost curves for the years 2004 to the current financial year, and contains 265 mines around the world.

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Copper Long Term Market Outlook

Frequency Annual Copper Long Term Market Outlook

The Copper Long Term Market Outlook provides an in-depth analysis of the copper industry's long-term future for supply, demand and prices around the world.

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Copper Market Outlook

Frequency Quarterly Copper Market Outlook

The Copper Market Outlook provides fully-updated analysis and 5-year forecasts every quarter for the markets copper smelting, refined production, concentrates balance, LME prices and copper stocks

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Copper Mine Project Profiles

Frequency Annual Copper Mine Project Profiles

The Copper Mine Project Profiles study provides individual 2-page benchmarking profiles of more than 200 of the world's most influential copper projects to long-term supply. We also provide Executive Summary Analysis of the key issues to provide clients with a thorough examination of long-term copper production.

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Copper Monitor

Frequency Monthly Copper Monitor

The Copper Monitor offers monthly analysis on the global markets of refined copper

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Copper Semis Market Outlook

Frequency Other Copper Semis Market Outlook

CRU’s Copper Semis Market Outlook builds a projection of total copper demand by examining and forecasting supply and demand in the four key semi-fabricated copper markets.

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