Aluminium Cost Service

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Aluminium Cost Service

A Subscription Provides:

  • Flexible Cost Scenario Model
  • Individual Smelter Cost Profiles
  • Quarterly Updates of Macroeconomc Cost Drivers
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Data and statistical appendices provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s analysts

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CRU's Aluminium Cost Service, 2016 Edition, published 26 August 2016, reports that the world average aluminium smelter site cost decreased for the fourth consecutive year in 2015. CRU Consultant Helena Norrgren writes "Operating costs in the aluminium industry have been driven down primarily by falling alumina and power prices, while a depreciation in some of the world’s major currencies has improved the competitiveness of a number of smelters globally".

The Aluminium Cost Service from CRU is a unique three-part report and modelling service that provides you with the most reliable and accurate source of cost information available. Our dynamic and flexible decision support cost model is a genuinely flexible strategic, operational, investment and purchasing support tool.

The service not only reports on the global industry’s emerging cost trends and competitive structure, but also gives you a costs breakdown for 292 existing and prospective smelters around the world. You can even see historical and 10-year forecast data for them all.

Better still, you can buy and download your own copy of the CRU cost modelling tool and then manipulate the information as you want to. This means you can compare your results to CRU’s formulations and test any smelter’s competitiveness in relation to similar operations around the world.

1 - Smelting Analysis Report

This report is a meticulous and easy-to-understand investigation into the cost structure of the global aluminium smelting industry.

For a snapshot of the sector, read the Executive Summary comprising useful observations, insights and charts. For more detailed analysis, examine the report’s incisive and far-reaching chapters including the major cost components:

  • Conversion costs
  • Site costs
  • Business costs
  • Avoidable costs

2 - Smelter Cost Profiles

This second section gives you a summary breakdown of the key cost components for all of the major plants within the global aluminium smelting industry for 2012.

For simplicity of use, the profiles are organised alphabetically by plant name, by country and by region, with each one using data from the most recent year where complete production and cost information is available.

3 - Aluminium smelting and benchmarking Model 2000 – 2024

CRU’s smelting benchmarking and decision support model allows you to:

  • View cost profiles for every single smelter for the current year.
  • Create new analyses using your own inputs and price assumptions.
  • Generate customised cost curves to match your business requirements.
  • Make better-informed decisions about your smelting business or investment strategy.

This easy to use model allows you to quickly analyse the cost structure of the aluminium industry in any of the years and allows comparison of movements in costs and margins through time, on an individual smelter or world, regional or company basis.

Our multi-year model provides you with results that can be viewed in a series of tabulations and charts, cost curves, stacked cost curves, line charts and radar charts.

Users can also compile alternative scenarios of costs by modifying:

  • Unit costs.
  • Metal and alumina prices.
  • Exchange rates.

Why CRU for Aluminium Costs?

  • 100% coverage of the global market
  • Chinese-national analysts in our Beijing and London offices ensure superior Chinese coverage
  • Valued Based Costing means we understand realisations from regional and shapes premiums
  • Detailed casthouse product mix included in the model
  • Potline by potline technology data also included
  • More details than any other cost service provider

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