Aluminium Rolled Products Cost Service

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Aluminium Rolled Products Cost Service

A Subscription Provides:

  • Flexible Cost Scenario Model
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Data and statistical appendices provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s analysts

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CRU's Aluminium Rolled Product Cost Service, published Friday 11th December 2015, reports the cost of production at rolling mills will fall between 2011 and 2016. CRU Managing Consultant Kelly Driscoll comments that, "In 2014, the weighted average world corporate cost for producing standard 1xxx coil rose by 0.7%. This was due to the increase in the LME 3-month price as metal raw materials accounts for 70% of a rolling mill's operating costs."

Aluminium Rolled Products Cost Service from CRU is a unique three-part report and modelling service that provides you with the most reliable and accurate source of cost information available. Our dynamic and flexible decision support model is a genuinely strategic, operational, investment and purchasing support tool.

The service not only reports on the global industry’s emerging cost trends and competitive structure, but also gives you a costs breakdown for 187 aluminium rolling mills around the world. For all these plants, historical and forecast data covering the years 2007–2018 is provided.

Better still, you can buy and download your own copy of the CRU modelling tool and then manipulate the information as you want to. This means you can compare your results to CRU’s formulations and test the competitiveness of any mill in relation to similar operations around the world.

1. Rolling Costs Analysis Report
The analysis report provides details of all major input cost assumptions, as well as product mix assumptions for all rolling mills included in the model. Summary results will allow readers to identify the position of their mills and those of competitors on the cost curve for each product. This information set is not available from any other authoritative source.

The report reviews:

  • CRU’s new raw material optimisation programme.
  • Developments in energy, metal and scrap pricing.
  • Labour productivity analysis using CRU’s “standard” tonnes principle.

2. Cost Summary Report
The cost summary report provides a detailed plant-by-plant cost breakdown for 2012.

3. The CRU Aluminium Rolled Products Cost Model

  • The cost model provides the only detailed cost database available of installed equipment, operating parameters and capabilities for each rolling mill. It enables users to simulate how changes in their equipment inventory, labour efficiency and product mix would impact upon their competitive position for different products.
  • Detailed mill-by-mill and product-by-product cost details for 2007-2018.
  • Examine the impact on competitiveness of changes in exchange rates and input prices for feedstock aluminium ingot and scrap.

Why CRU for Aluminium Rolled Products Costs?

  • Over 90% coverage of the global market
  • Chinese-national analysts in our Beijing and London offices ensure superior Chinese coverage
  • We now cover more Chinese rolling mills than any other region
  • Value Based Costing and detailed costs breakdowns give expansive insights into cost structure
  • Detailed product mixes included, mill-by-mill
  • Rolling mill technology and equipment data included, in the model
  • CRU is the only rolling mill cost service provider

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