Bauxite Cost Service

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Bauxite Cost Service

 A Subscription Provides:

  • Flexible Cost Scenario Model
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Data and statistical appendices provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s analysts

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CRU's Bauxite Cost Report and Profiles, 2016 Edition, published Thursday 16th June reports that the world average bauxite mine site cost fell for the third consecutive year in 2015, decreasing by 7.9%. CRU Senior Consultant Yanchen Wang writes "CRU expects the decrease in bauxite mining costs to continue in 2016. The world average site cost is anticipated to decline by 9.5%, y-o-y. due to the strong US dollar and weak energy prices"

Your complete guide to Bauxite Mining Cost

CRU’s Bauxite Cost Service is a unique three-part report and modelling service that provides you with the most reliable and accurate source of bauxite mining cost information available. Our dynamic decision support model is a genuinely flexible strategic, operational, investment and purchasing support tool.

The service not only reports on the global industry’s emerging cost trends and competitive structure, but also gives you a costs breakdown for 123 existing and prospective bauxite mines around the world. You can even see historical and 10-year forecast data for them all.

Better still, you can buy and download your own copy of the CRU modelling tool and then manipulate the information as you want to. This means you can compare your results to CRU’s formulations and test any mine’s competitiveness in relation to similar operations around the world.

The three part service

1 - Mining Cost Analysis Report

This report is a meticulous and easy-to-understand investigation into the cost structure of the global bauxite mining industry.

For a snapshot of the sector, read the Executive Summary comprising useful observations, insights and charts. For a more detailed analysis, examine the report’s incisive and far-reaching chapters including:

  • prospects for the major cost components.
  • site costs 2000 – 2022.
  • economic costs 2000 – 2022.
  • bauxite supply and costs.

2 - Mine Cost Profiles

This second section gives you a summary breakdown of the key cost components for all of the major mines within the global bauxite industry.

No other report has the breadth and depth of information provided in this volume, and yet it remains so simple to use. The profiles are organised alphabetically by mine name, by country and by region, with each one using data from the most recent year where complete production and cost information is available.

3 - Mine Cost and Decision Support Model

Containing all of the data from the first two sections of the Bauxite Cost Service, the CRU cost and decision support model allows you to:

  • view the 2000 – 2022 data for 123 bauxite mines worldwide.
  • create new analyses using your own inputs and price assumptions.
  • generate customised cost curves to match your business requirements.
  • outline any mine’s competitiveness over time.
  • make better-informed decisions about your mining business or mining investment strategy.

The tool has a consistent and complete interface with CRU’s Alumina Cost Service, enabling you to share valuable data across both integrated and non-integrated facilities. You can also use the two models to:

  • apportion cost, technical and mineralogical parameters between integrated mines and refineries.
  • create sophisticated scenario analyses, with accurate and detailed costs, for the complete production process.

Armed with CRU’s unique three-part report and cost modelling service, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand the market dynamics and latest cost trends.
  • Examine the cost efficiencies of rival mines.
  • Analyse all costs at all levels, from royalties to economic costs.
  • Manipulate data quickly using the model’s clear interface.
  • Vary economic inputs to generate your own scenarios.
  • Establish your goals for monitoring performance improvement.
  • Calculate the value of different tactics and strategies.
  • Improve your decision-making and business planning capabilities.

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