Copper Raw Materials Monitor

Concentrates, blister and scrap

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Copper Raw Materials Monitor

A Subscription Provides:

  • Detailed analysis report every month
  • All historical statistics are available online in Excel
  • Monitor provided online in PDF format
  • Access to editors

CRU's Copper Raw Materials Monitor, published Thursday 8th December 2016, discusses the conclusion to benchmark negotiations and reports that spot market TC/RCs have continued to decline. CRU Principal Consultant Christine Meilton writes: “With benchmark talks reaching an early conclusion, spot market activity has picked up a little, although business has remained slow for prompt delivery on both sides of the market and much of the business has been for annual tonnages."

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CRU’s Copper Raw Materials Monitor provides a detailed analysis of short-term market developments, a comprehensive market data service and key terms and prices covering the global copper concentrates market. Subscribers have access to a detailed analysis of copper concentrates markets, while trends in copper scrap and by-products markets (including sulphuric acid, gold and silver) are also reviewed.  Market analysis is supplemented with a fortnightly report dedicated to China and regular insights into key developments as they happen.

Data tables include:

  • Copper concentrates market: CRU TC/RCs cif Japan Pacific Rim
  • Process terms for blister and scrap
  • Prices for gold, silver, sulphuric acid and sulphur
  • Copper concentrates production
  • Copper smelter production
  • Copper concentrates balance
  • Refined copper production
  • Concentrates statistics (selected countries)
  • Chile: copper concentrates exports (gross weight and grade)
  • Reported trade in copper scrap

Copper Raw Materials Monitor subscribers also receive:

  • CRU Views Non-Ferrous Metals - Every Tuesday subscribers to the Copper Raw Materials Monitor will also receive a roundup of that week’s non-ferrous news, covering the main stories in Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel and Tin plus the CRU View on how the news will affect the markets.


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