FGAN Cost Curve

Benchmark production costs at global FGAN plants from 2004-2012

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FGAN Cost Curve

A subscription provides:

  • One year's online access to your CRU cost curve
  • Historical cost data and cost curves for the years 2010 to 2019.

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FGAN Cost Curve

The CRU FGAN Cost Curve is available to purchase separately or as part of the Nitrogen Cost Curves Database.  The FGAN Cost Curve Database includes costs for 51 operations (this includes CAN operations that have been included on an FGAN-equivalent basis). 

The cost curves cover a timeframe of 2010-2019.  They allow you to build tailored cost curves, benchmarking global nitrogen production costs by operation, country or region.

The Nitrogen Cost Curves include:

Ammonia Cost Curve

FGAN Cost Curve

UAN Cost Curve

Urea Cost Curve

The site costs are calculated as follows:

Resource cost (raw material purchases) Conversion cost (processing cost sustaining capital cost working capital cost).



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