Gold Market Outlook

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Gold Market Outlook

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CRU's Gold Market Outlook, published Friday 1st July 2016, reports US rates outlook will be the key factor affecting attractiveness of the gold market to institutional investors. CRU Senior Consultant Kirill Kirilenko writes 'we expect gold prices to continue rising this year and next on the back of safe haven demand. Looking further ahead, gold's price is expected to succumb to the pressure of rising interest rates in the US.

We believe the gold industry is facing profound structural change.

The global financial crisis has led to extreme policy responses worldwide, leaving a legacy of considerable economic and political uncertainly. Now, a real possibility is a shift towards a more symmetric monetary system where national currencies are pegged to a basket of major currencies and gold – rather than effectively the dollar alone. Also, a wider investor base is now more likely to include gold in their asset portfolios.

In this light, CRU now launched the Gold Market Outlook to provide fully independent analysis of and five-year forecasts for supply, demand and prices.

The Gold Market Outlook consists of one comprehensive report per year in June, and three quarterly updates to ensure you have the most up-to-date forecasts, statistics and analysis for the gold industry throughout your full-year subscription.

A subscription to CRU’s service also provides you with access to our Precious Metals analysts, to discuss the industry and the study in more detail.

Why CRU for Gold?
CRU has been providing independent and high-level analysis and forecasts of the mining and metals industries for 40 years now, including expertise in base metals mining, which is expected to supply around 20% of mined gold production in coming years.

The combination of our expertise and absolute independence allows us to provide clients with extremely accurate analysis and forecasting that can be trusted entirely, to aid and add value to their business operations.

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