Manganese Ore Cost Data Service

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Manganese Ore Cost Data Service

A subscription provides:

  • One year's access to the Online Cost Curve database
  • Cost curves  and data for the years 2012-2016 for both site costs and business costs
  • Asset-by-asset cost profiles in Excel to assist benchmarking
  • CRU Manganese Ore Cost Data Service - Cost Report - with CRU's in-depth examination of the cost structure and trends in all countries and regions through to 2020
  • Access to CRU's experts for further discussion

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CRU's Manganese Ore Cost Service, published on Thursday 21 July 2016, reports that manganese ore cost deflation has reached a new low in 2016. CRU Consultant Dorit Schulte writes "Weak commodity currencies and lower oil prices, combined with miner's efforts to cut spending in a low price environment, have lowered average costs, but we expect 2016 to be the floor and forecast costs to rise again from 2017."

CRU's Manganese Ore Cost Data Service allows you to analyse cost curves for 90% of global ore supply - including 90% of Chinese production and all seaborne trade - for the years 2012-2016.

We provide cost curves for both Site Costs and Business Costs. Site costs allow you to directly compare mines against each other on the basis of cash cost of production, while business costs uses CRU's patented Value-In-Use methodology (VIU) to account for quality differentials to more accurately benchmark the cost competitiveness of different assets.

You also receive asset-by-asset cost profiles in Excel so you can examine what cost inputs make up the total operating cost at the mine and why certain mines and regions are more and less competitive than others along the curve. And CRU Manganese Ore Cost Data Service - Cost Report, released in July 2016, gives you our independent and thorough examination of the cost structure and trends in all countries and regions through to 2020.

Our service is unique in covering the crucial Chinese market in such detail. In addition to the major mines, we apply CRU's China Cost Methodology - already well established in iron ore, coal and base metal markets - to theoretically model production by province and therefore cover 90% of Chinese supply in our curve.

The tool which delivers the Cost Curves will allow you to interact with the curves to analyse and benchmark different countries, owning companies and individual operations as you require. You have the ability to select the year, cost variables and mines to include in the curve, allowing it be customised to your needs. The data grid can also be filtered for further analysis and you can download the data to Excel and print the curve and data.
If you subscribe to multiple curves you can switch between multiple commodities easily and produce in depth multi-metal cost analysis.

CRU's Manganese Ore Cost Data Service will allow you to:

  • Analyse industry cost curves for 2012-2016 for 90% of global supply - including all seaborne trade
  • Gain unique insight to the cost structure of 95% of Chinese domestic production
  • Review individual cost profiles to examine the cost inputs at each one
  • Benchmark cost parameters at different assets to understand why certain mines are more/less competitive than others
  • Understand how the cost structure will evolve in all countries regions through to 2020
  • Conduct your own analysis of levels of price support

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