Molybdenum Market Outlook

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Molybdenum Market Outlook

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CRU's Molybdenum Market Outlook, published on Wednesday 27th April 2016, reports that prices have bottomed-out as the market rebalances. CRU Senior Consultant Dr. Edward Spencer writes "Global demand decreased in 2015 as oil prices fell and as stainless steel and special alloy producers looked to clear inventories."

CRU's Molybdenum Market Outlook provides detailed forecasts for supply, demand and molybdenum prices for the period 2008-2021 as well as long-term point forecasts for 2026. Our subscribers will receive:

  • An annual Market Outlook report, published in April each year
  • Access to our most recent data updates, on a quarterly basis
  • A new quarterly update report, highlighting major market developments
  • Access to our team of Molybdenum Analysts based in multiple locations

The Outlook is an outcome of a collaborative effort between CRU analysts in the UK, China, the US and Chile. This enables us to provide to you a substantial amount of first-hand primary data thereby strengthening your understanding of both these local markets and the global industry. Our comprehensive service is based on detailed coverage of the entire industry value chain and is based upon more than 20 years of experience covering the worldwide industry on an independent and impartial basis.

Each of the key market fundamentals – production, consumption, balance and prices – is comprehensively covered for the five-year period.

  • Consumption (first-use and end-use)
  • Regional demand trends
  • Mine production (by-product, primary and regional)
  • Secondary supply (catalyst recovery)
  • The roaster sector (capacity and production)
  • Market balances (China and World ex-China)
  • Cost curve service (by-product and primary mines)
  • Price forecasts

In London, our extensive multi-commodity coverage enables us to consolidate information on the main developments in each molybdenum-consuming first- and end-use sector. This is supported by expertise in the stainless steel, special steel, chemicals and processing industries. An in-house team also monitors a broad range of macroeconomic and external cost factors that are integrated in our models. In Beijing, we conduct primary research, talking to main-product producers and major industry participants. This provides us with a detailed view on consumption, production and prices in Asian markets. In Pittsburgh, we conduct price assessments on a daily basis in order to identify major trends and developments in Western markets. Meanwhile, in Santiago, we benefit from CRU's well-established position in the South American copper industry and obtain quantitative and qualitative information central to the analysis of the by-product side of the market. Developments in the copper industry are fundamental in our new price forecasts and molybdenum cost curve service.

Why use CRU for molybdenum industry analysis?

  • CRU’s global coverage provides a substantial amount of first-hand primary data for both local markets and the global sectors
  • Our comprehensive service is based on a detailed coverage of the entire industry value chain
  • Our coverage of multi-commodities and steel products allows us to build in a variety of detailed information into our models

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