Phosphate Fertilizer Cost Service

Phosphate Fertilizer Cost Service

A Subscription Provides:

  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Data and statistical appendices provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s analysts

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Chapter 1

  • Cost Model Methodology

Chapter 2

  • Raw Material Costs (phosphate rock, sulphur/ sulphuric acid, ammonia)
    • Market structure
    • Current market situation
    • Raw material sourcing practices

Chapter 3

  • Site operating costs for phosphate plants
    • Overview of principal production centres
    • Processing technologies
    • Major cost components (raw materials, labour, energy, consumables)
    • Comparison of site costs

Chapter 4

  • Delivered costs for phosphate plants
    • Structure of global phosphate trade
    • Transport to export terminals
    • Transport to main consuming regions
    • Comparison of delivered costs

Chapter 5

  • Costs of new capacity
    • Location of new capacity
    • Project descriptions
    • Estimated operating costs

Chapter 6

  • Outlook for costs through to 2021
    • Forecasts of macroeconomic variables
    • Forecast of raw material prices (phosphate rock, sulphur/sulphuric acid, ammonia)

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