Phosphate Fertilizer Market Outlook

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Phosphate Fertilizer Market Outlook

A Subscription Provides:

  • Four quarterly reports. This will ensure you are kept briefed on the industry throughout the year
  • Online access to the full report
  • Access to CRU's analysts in London, Mumbai and Beijing
  • Diagrams downloadable in Powerpoint format
  • Supporting data downloadable in Excel format

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"With the monsoon rains in line with averages, we've revised our forecast for Indian DAP demand upwards to 4.1 million tonnes P2O5", says Juanvon Gernet, editor of the Phosphate Fertilizer Market Outlook published on 5th August 2016. "The major beneficiaries thus far have been the MGA suppliers to India, which are on course to supply the largest volumes since 2009."

The Phosphate Fertilizer  Market Outlook provides a medium-term market analysis service for supply, demand and trade for Phosphate Fertilizer  in all major countries and regions around the world. The report, including five-year price forecasts, is released in January; April; July and October each year.

A concise executive summary, including key forecasts accompanied by supporting analysis; graphs and tables, is accompanied by detailed chapters covering demand; supply; trade & prices. This draws upon CRU’s established standing within the industry and the expertise of our analysts in London; Beijing and Mumbai offices to provide a rigorous examination of the market.

Key features:

  • Our service analyses supply, demand and trade for Phosphate Fertilizer  in all major countries and regions around the world, as well as CRU’s five-year price forecasts.  You will be provided with a detailed rationale on price movements with insights into the drivers behind the price change. Our robust methodology will give you the confidence you need to use this data in your own analysis.
  • Analysis is built from the bottom up through a detailed country by country demand models and plant by plant supply data. 
  • Long-term price analysis: A separate appendix covering supply, demand and price forecasts in the long term. This ensures you have a unique view of market fundamentals for the next 25 years, supporting your long-term decisions.
  • Exclusive access to our analysts: As a client, you can phone or email our analysts to discuss our forecast and analysis on the market.
  • Draws upon CRU’s broader research including economic analysis, price assessments, industry cost analysis and detailed research for other nutrients. This also includes CRU’s macroeconomic and exchange rate forecasts from CRU’s own in-house team of economists.
  • Comprehensive downloadable data on global demand, supply, capacity, trade and price data.


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