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Aluminium Monitor

A Subscription Provides:

  • Detailed analysis report every month
  • Near term forecasts for the quarter ahead 
  • Separate Aluminium China Fortnightly report from our Beijing office
  • Forward looking weekly report including regional premium assessments and discussion of the key themes of the week.
  • Daily report capturing key daily price and stock movements
  • Ten year data history of aluminium market balance, production, consumption, stocks, premium and prices on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis all available online in Excel format
  • Country by country breakdown of production and consumption data 
  • CRU discovered regional merchant prices and premia for ingot and value addes shapes
  • Monitor provided online and in PDF format
  • Access to editors


CRU’s Aluminium Monitor, published Thursday 12 January 2017, reports that the U.S. is preparing a WTO complaint against China on aluminium. Whilst in China The Ministry of Environment Protection is consulting the industry on aluminium and alumina cuts. CRU Managing Consultant Marco Georgiou writes: "Trade disputes and environmental issues on aluminium will become increasingly important over the coming months and will impact on prices ".

The Aluminium Monitor is a monthly publication produced by our analysts in London and Beijing, to provide in-depth analysis and insight into all the latest prices and market developments globally in the aluminium industry. Our analysis is supported by developments across the entire industry chain from mining through to smelting and downstream fabrication. An Aluminium Monitor subscription also includes access to CRU's new Aluminium Daily and Aluminium Weekly publications.


The new Aluminium Daily report contains key daily price and stock movements, forward aluminium ask prices one year ahead and our one year ahead US Midwest premium forecast. The new Aluminium Weekly report captures weekly ingot premium spot assessments for Japan, Rotterdam and the US Midwest, as well as weekly billet spot premium assessments for Germany and the US Midwest. The weekly report also reviews key price and Chinese arbitrage movements. In addition, the publication discusses the key themes for the week in the aluminium market and provides our views on the important issues that could have an impact on the market in the following week.

Data tables included:

  • Primary Aluminium Supply Demand Balance
  • Primary Aluminium Consumption
  • Primary Aluminium Production
  • Aluminium stocks
  • Aluminium Premium & Price Assessments
  • Aluminium prices, volatility and volumes

CRU’s Aluminium Monitor is now provided through a revolutionary new online information service, allowing you to interact with your service in a more flexible and user-friendly manner.

The service provides you with all of the CRU price and premia assessments, market analysis, news and data in one place, so that you can conveniently search for and access all of your current and historical information. The functionality of the new service will mean you can interact with your Aluminium Monitor in ways you never could before, such as analysing and charting thousands of data series and searching databases and archives for specific market information.

Subscribers to the Aluminium Monitor also receive the following reports at no extra charge:

  • Aluminium China Fortnightly - every two weeks, CRU's Beijing office provides the latest industry news, analysis, prices and data for China's aluminium industry.
  • Aluminium Weekly - new report released every Thursday containing regional premium assessments and discussion of the key market themes of the week.
  • Aluminium Daily - new report released daily including key daily price and stock movements.
  • CRU Views Non-Ferrous Metals - every Tuesday subscribers receive a roundup of that weeks non-ferrous news, covering the main stories in aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel and tin. Plus CRU views on how the news will affect the markets.

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