Bauxite Cost Curve

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Bauxite Cost Curve

A Subscription Provides:

  • One year’s access to the Online Cost Curve database
  • Historical cost data and cost curves for the years 2004 to the current financial year

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The Bauxite Cost Curve allows you to create a provisional cost curve for the current financial year using CRU’s Online Cost Curve Database. The tool will allow you to interact with the curves to analyse and benchmark different countries, owning companies and individual mines as you require. The Online Cost Curve Database also provides historical cost data and cost curves for the years 2004 to the current financial year, and covers 89 operations.

You can create, draw and analyse curves in a consistent and clear format, as many times as you require, as the industry continues to change. All the cost curves are accessible online in one place, whist being in a consistent and accurate format across all commodities. The fully interactive online tool means no more Excel workbooks in different formats.

You have the ability to select the year, cost variables and smelters to include in the curve, allowing it be customised to your needs. The data grid can also be filtered for further analysis. While you can also download the data to Excel and print the curve and data.

If you subscribe to multiple curves you can switch between multiple commodities easily and produce in depth multi-metal cost analysis.

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