Copper Mine Project Profiles

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Copper Mine Project Profiles

A Subscription Provides:

  • 248 Mine Project Profiles
  • Underlying data via Excel spreadsheet
  • Project trend analysis via slidepack
  • Full online access for four individuals

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CRU's Copper Mine Project Profiles, published on March 31st 2016, highlight the impact that falling prices have had on project development over the last year. Consultant Tristan Hobbs writes "The decline in copper prices over the course of 2015 has resulted in an extensive re-evaluation of the project pipeline, culminating in a net loss of over 6Mt of potential production in 2023".

Our Copper Mine Project Profiles study features two-page profiles for 100 key project sites across 24 countries worldwide, as well as one-page profiles for another 148 smaller and early-stage projects around the world. The study provides profiles for a range of greenfield and brownfield concentrates and cathode projects which have the potential to begin production before 2035. Together, these projects cover over 700 million tonnes of the world’s contained copper resources and have a potential annual copper production of more than 22 million tonnes.

The study will help you to:

  • Investigate potential merger, acquisition and investment opportunities
  • Rank and benchmark projects against their competitors, and monitor their progress
  • Understand long-term project development trends and forecast longterm mine supply
  • Identify potential supplyside risks to long-term price and market forecasts
  • Assess how recent market turbulence has affected project development timelines, capital costs and operating costs

See the list of operations tab for more information

Tier 1 Mine Project Profiles will include:
- Project history and current status
- Reserves and resources
- Production data
- Development status
- Operating cost estimates
- Capex
- Charts comparing size, costs and capex vs other Tier 1 Projects

Tier 2 Mine Project Profiles will include:
- Project details
- Production data
- Development status
- Capex (where published)
- Charts comparing size,
- Output and timing vs other Tier 2 Projects

This study is free of charge to subscribers of CRU’s Copper Long-Term Outlook.

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