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Fertilizer Week

A subscription gives you:

  • A customisable online service, tailored to your needs
  • High-level analysis plus detailed trends by nutrient
  • Access to price assessments and market updates on the move via mobile
  • Email delivery of breaking news, plus daily emails.
  • Over 200 global benchmark prices, updated every Thursday (online and via email)
  • Short Term Forecasts for urea, ammonia, NPKs, DAP, sulphur and sulphuric acid.
  • Two years' worth of historical prices for over 200 key benchmark fertilizer prices are emailed to you every Friday.
  • A powerful search engine with filters to help you pinpoint the exact information you need rapidly
  • ‘Ask the Analyst’ – direct access to the analysts for your specific questions
  • Energy prices, agricultural demand, freight rates and more

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Fertilizer Week is the one-stop source for all your fertilizer prices and related fertilizer market information needs. 

Essential reading for Producers, Traders, Analysts, Consumers, Banks and Government Agencies, Fertilizer Week delivers breaking fertilizer news and daily round-ups on swaps, market movements, the people, projects and political shifts affecting global fertilizer prices and weekly price movements too.  Along with energy prices, agricultural demand and freight rates, Fertilizer Week gives you all your essential information needs in one, easy-to-use place, the ultimate fertilizer market analysis tool to have.

Here’s some detail of what the online service provides:

  • Global coverage of all key fertilizer prices - comprehensive coverage of all key nutrients and covers more than 200 international fertilizer benchmark prices
  • Historical datasets covering over 200 key fertilizer prices - each Friday, subscribers are emailed two years' worth of historical prices for over 200 key fertilizer prices.
  • Short Term Forecasts for urea, ammonia, NPKs, DAP, sulphur and sulphuric acid.  The forecasts are available for each calendar month over the next six months (see Forecast tab for more detail on this).
  • International coverage - with editors in London, Beijing, Norway, Washington and Mumbai, Fertilizer Week has unrivalled international coverage.  Editors include ex-traders and industry players, who have spent their careers tracking prices of fertilizers.
  • Search and Filtering - powerful filtering and search facilities so you quickly find the exact information you need – and you can store your search results for future reference.

You can choose which emails you receive from the service:

CRU Fertilizer Week Alert

CRU Fertilizer Week Daily

CRU Fertilizer Week Weekly Overview 

CRU Fertilizer Week Weekly Reports – by nutrient

·         Urea

·         Nitrates & Sulphates

·         Ammonia

·         Phosphates

·         Potash

·         Sulphur

·         Sulphuric Acid


CRU Fertilizer Week  North America Weekly Report

CRU Fertilizer Week – ad hoc insight/notifications

CRU  Fertilizer Week Price Forecasts

CRU Fertilizer Week Historical Prices

CRU Fertilizer Week Freights Report 

CRU Views Fertilizers

New CRU fertilizer price and crop price indices

The CRU price indices are based on CRU’s price assessment expertise in the global fertilizer industry, coupled with a CRU view of the aggregate of crop prices. Prices are weighted by volume and presented on a nominal basis (not taking into account inflation).

CRU’s price assessment, published every week as part of the Fertilizer Week online service, is based on transactions and information received from market participants active in the fertilizer market. We cover a wide range of the market, including producers, consumers and traders. The crop price index is based on wheat, corn, soyabeans and rice

Indices are calculated based on weekly prices for each crop and each fertilizer product (see below) weighted by trade through the main price points. The overall fertilizer index and overall crop index are similarly trade-weighted.

Main price points:

 Urea  Fob Black Sea Prilled
   Fob Baltic Sea Prilled
   Fob Middle East Prilled
   Fob Middle East Granular
   Fob NOLA granular
 DAP  Fob Tampa / US Gulf
   Fob Baltic Sea
   Fob North Africa
 Potash (KCL)  CFR China ex-FSU std
   CFR India std (180 days)
   CFR Brazil granular (180 days)
   CFR Southeast Asia standard
 Wheat  SM Wheat Fob Black Sea
   SRW Wheat Fob US Gulf
   French SW Fob Rouen
 Corn  Corn Fob US Gulf
   Argentine Corn Fob Upriver
 Soyabeans  Soyabeans Fob US Gulf
   Argentine Soya Fob Upriver
   Brazil Soya Fob Paranagua
 Rice  Thai Rice 100B Fob Bangkok
   Vietnam Rice 5% Fob

For more information on our new online platform or for details on how to get the latest comodity market reports, please email marketing@crugroup.com

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