Manganese Ferroalloy Cost Data Service

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Manganese Ferroalloy Cost Data Service

A Subscription Provides:

  • Two fully-updated reports per year – January and July
  • All supporting data online in Excel to allow you to download and analyse CRU’s data
  • Access to CRU’s key analysts so you can further discuss the market as things develop
  • Online access for four individuals, plus two hard copies of each quarterly report

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CRU's Manganese Ferroalloy Cost Data Service, published on July 29th 2016, reports that production costs are expected to bottom out in 2016, but that the subsequent recovery will be constrained by structurally lower prices of key inputs. Meanwhile, due to narrowing differences in ore costs, access to competitively-priced electric power has become even more important.

The Essential Resource for the Manganese Ferroalloy Market

CRU’s Manganese Ferroalloy Cost DataService provides our comprehensive worldwide coverage of the industry cost structure for manganese ferroalloys.
Our exclusive service breaks down all major cost components and analyses the key trends, allowing you to examine and benchmark production costs – both conversion costs and site operating costs – at all major operations around the world and thereby assisting your operations and decision-making in the market.

At each operation, we provide cost breakdowns for the following components:

  • Manganese units
  • Reductants
  • Unit electricity consumption
  • Electricity rates
  • Total power
  • Labour
  • Delivery

The Manganese Ferroalloy Cost DataService is a key tool for analysing the cost structure of the industry. It will allow you to examine operating costs for the production of silicomanganese and high carbon ferromanganese, on a plant-by-plant basis.

The report will help you and your company answer the following questions:

  • What are business operating costs for the current year?
  • Where are producers located on the industry cost curve?
  • How will business costs change over the next several years and why?
  • What are the main cost drivers?
  • What are the implications for manganese ferroalloy prices?
  • Are any producers under threat or likely to be under threat in the forecast period?
  • How do different operations compare?
  • What are the key drivers of competitiveness and how are they changing over time?

Why CRU for Manganese?

  • CRU has a truly established and independent understanding of the markets for manganese and manganese ferroalloys, based upon more than 30 years experience covering the worldwide steel industry
  • Our manganese coverage is enhanced by CRU’s detailed understanding and research across the entire steel value chain, from raw materials to crude steel and finished products. This makes our research far more robust and comprehensive than competitors who look at the manganese market only in isolation
  • Our service is further strengthened by our premium Manganese Ferroalloy Market Outlook, which enables us to understand the market fundamentals as well as the industry cost structure
  • Our team consists of more 20 full time analysts and consultants covering the entire steel market
  • CRU’s office in Beijing provides first-hand presence in these vitally important markets, allowing us to build personal relationships with the major market participants there and to provide a substantial amount of first-hand data and analysis. This strengthens our understanding of the local Chinese markets as well as the global industry.


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