Metallurgical Coal Cost Service

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Metallurgical Coal Cost Service

A subscription provides:

  • Flexible Cost Scenario Model
  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Cost summary profiles provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s cost analysts for queries

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CRU's Metallurgical Coal Cost Service highlights, in detail, the methods miners are using to try and remain viable amid fierce competition. Steel team consultant Adrian Doyle writes "CRU's Metallurgical Coal Cost Model and accompanying report allows you to analyse, in detail, how low prices have driven miners to cut headcounts, increase productivity and idle high-cost mines to try and keep margins positive."

Analyse and benchmark costs at 378 metallurgical coal mines and projects worldwide

CRU’s Metallurgical Coal Cost Service is our unique service that provides you with comprehensive coverage of the global industry cost structure for the mining and production of metallurgical coal.

Our exclusive service allows you to conduct detailed analysis and benchmarking for 378 mines and projects around the world - including 100% China coverage - with our userfriendly and flexible Cost Model. You then also receive our detailed Cost Analysis Report, Cost profiles for all 378 operations, and quarterly updates, to ensure you have the latest information throughout your subscription to assist your business analysis and strategic planning.

Our Metallurgical Coal Cost Service will enable you to:

  1. Review and compare costs at specific mines by creating global cost curves
  2. Flex the data to analyse how the position of each operation on the cost curve changes under different macroeconomic conditions
  3. Understand the Chinese market by examining costs for 100% of production in China at a sub-provincial level, based upon mine visits by CRU’s Beijing office
  4. Conduct your own analysis of long run price with our enhanced project mine population
  5. Benchmark specific cost parameters at individual metallurgical coal mines and projects with the cost breakdowns in our profiles
  6. Edit existing mine profiles and add new profiles for your own operations for new scenario analysis
  7. Securely input your own data by downloading our Cost Model onto your own computer
  8. Analyse one consistent view of the world via CRU’s in-house forecasts for macroeconomic data

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