Nitrogen Cost Service

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Nitrogen Cost Service

A Subscription Provides:

  • Detailed Cost Analysis Report
  • Comprehensive Cost Profiles
  • Industry Cost Curves
  • Data and statistical appendices provided online in Excel
  • Access to CRU’s analysts

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Our service provides cost estimates 2002-20 at a plant and country level.  This is accompanied by detail analysis of the drivers of costs for enchmarking; global cost curves for site and business costs for business strategy and analysis of product premia & discounts for sales (based on products quality and distance to market). Additionally, the Nitrogen Cost Service includes business cost analysis to help establish where you can secure the best netbacks and enhance sales and marketing execution.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive downloadable data on site and business costs at a plant level or country level, which is disaggregated further to use in models or too benchmark key operating measures against competitors (e.g. gas prices/labour rates/power costs/conversion efficiencies).  The robust methodology will give you the confidence you need to use this data in your own analysis.
  • Over 200 plants covered producing Urea/Ammonia/UAN/AN, with detailed profiles and cost sheets for each plant. 90% of the industry is covered.
  • CRU   analysis allows users to see how the cost position and cost curves would change over the next 5 years under various alternative economic/exchange rate and oil/gas scenariosAssumptions are provided by CRU in house economic teams.
  • CRU cost report also covers new forthcoming capacity and shows new competitor’s opex and capex cost position at a plant level through our site, business and economic cost analysis. This can also allow users to establish which markets are the most advantageous to target for sales. Investors can benchmark target acquisition or new project against existing plants, both on an opex and capex basis.
  • Exclusive access to our analysts: As a client, you can phone or email our analysts to discuss our cost estimates, analysis or forecasts.

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