Steel Long Products Monitor

Bars, structurals and wire rod

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Steel Long Products Monitor

A Subscription Provides:

  • Access to CRU prices - weekly assessments for German long products.  Monthly assessments in all major markets for rebar, wire rod, merchant bar, beams and billet  
  • In-depth analysis of steel long products markets, including a forward outlook, rolling news and comprehensive market and industry data, together with prices in one easy to navigate turnkey service
  • The ability to find, chart, download and assimilate information quickly on your product or market of interest
  • A comprehensive database and powerful search facility at your fingertips, covering data, analysis and news
  • The capacity to take new online CRU Monitors with you on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device
  • The opportunity to stay ahead of the game with our Product Alerts and daily updates from CRU Steel News
  • Access to CRU analysts to further discuss the market
  • A forecast of all CRUspi series - the price indicators derived from actual CRU price assessments and forecasts For more information on CRUspi Futures and CRUspi click here

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CRU's Steel Long Products Monitor, published Wednesday 7th September, reports that the long products market remains extremely quiet in most regions. CRU Senior Consultant Elizabeth Johnson writes "Although higher prices have been seen in the domestic Chinese market and some export markets, long products prices remain fragile given still weak demand on a global scale".

CRU's Steel Long Products Monitor provides you with regular and in-depth market analysis covering all major and emerging industry regions.  You will also have access to detailed statistics including current and historical production, consumption and trade data for rebar, merchant bar, structurals and wire rod. 

The service also includes more than 60 regular price assessments covering rebar, merchant bar beams, low-carbon wire rod, high-carbon wire rod and billet spanning the following regions:

  • South America, export
  • USA, domestic
  • Europe, domestic and export
  • Turkey, export
  • UAE, delivered
  • CIS, export
  • China, domestic and export
  • Far East Asia, import
  • India, domestic

In addition, we now provide weekly price updates for German rebar, merchant bar and wire rod, with accompanying analysis. 

The Steel Long Products Monitor is now provided through a revolutionary new online information service, allowing you to interact with your services in a more flexible and user-friendly manner.

The service provides you with all of the CRU price assessments, market analysis, news and data in one place, so that you can conveniently search for and access all current and historical information.  The functionality of the new service means you can interact with your Steel Long Products Monitor in ways you never could before, such as analysing and charting thousands of data series and searching databases and archives for specific market information.

CRU's Steel Long Products Monitor also now includes CRU Steel News as part of the service for even more comprehensive coverage of the steel industry. CRU Steel News provides you with all of the latest news as it breaks across the full steel value chain on a daily basis, from raw materials through to semi-finished and finished products.

Data series available in the Steel Long Products Monitor:

  • CRU prices, current and historical, by region (where available)
    • Rebar
    • Merchant bar
    • Beams
    • Low-carbon wire rod
    • High-carbon wire rod
    • Billet
  • Market statistics by country and by product (rebar, merchant bar, structurals, wire rod)
    • Production
    • Apparent consumption
    • Net exports
  • Economic indicators

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