Steelmaking Raw Materials Monitor

Iron ore, metallurgical coal and coke

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Steelmaking Raw Materials Monitor

A Subscription Provides:

  • Detailed analysis report every month
  • Weekly Iron Ore Dashboard
  • All historical statistics are available online in Excel
  • Monitor provided online in PDF format
  • Access to the editors
  • CRUspi Futures - This service shows forecasts for the eight main CRUspi indicators over the next 18-24 months. For more information on CRUspi Futures and CRUspi click here

CRU's Steelmaking Raw Materials Monitor, published Wednesday 15th February 2017, takes a look at the Chinese property market, the biggest consumer of steel in the country, and finds it entering a slowdown. It also looks at the pressure Chinese steel exports are facing from lower priced rivals and takes a look at the likely trajectories of iron ore and coking coal prices in the post-Lunar New Year market

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Every month, the Steelmaking Raw Materials Monitor provides a comprehensive analysis of market trends for iron ore, metallurgical coal and metallurgical coke.  Analysis is focused on key developments in the supply/demand balance and their implications on price.  As well as dedicated sections on the Chinese and Indian markets, a summary of trends in the global steel industry and a round-up of industry news, the Monitor provides the following historical data:

  • Raw materials prices (covering over 30 prices)
  • Supply, demand and trade statistics on a country basis for iron ore, metallurgical coal and metallurgical coke
  • Production of hot metal and DRI on a country basis

As part of your Steelmaking Raw Materials Monitor service you receive CRU's weekly Iron Ore Dashboard.

The Dashboard is an iron ore market analysis tool that brings together 3 key strands of market intelligence to provide an informed view of expected iron ore price movements over the coming 7 days.  These 3 strands are:

  • Firstly, the current value and movement of key market indicators such as Chinese stock levels, freight rates and steel industry performance;
  • Secondly, a probability analysis of historical iron ore price movements under different market conditions;
  • And thirdly, CRU's view of market dynamics bringing together the team's knowledge based on our extensive discussions with market participants.

We pull these strands together into a concise one-page document and publish our view as to whether we think the price will rise, hold steady or fall in the coming 7 days.

Data tables include:

  • Raw materials price check (covering 25 prices)
  • International trade in metallurgical coal and coke
  • Production of hot metal (pig iron) and DRI
  • Global pig iron production
  • International trade in iron ore

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