CRU Prices Service incorporating Ryan's Notes

We know how much you value the price assessments and market reporting that Ryan's Notes delivers to you every week. You know you can trust our prices to be reliable, accurate and with a clear and transparent methodology. And you know our market reporting is impartial, informative and up-to-date.


None of that is going to change. But we are changing the way we deliver it. We are integrating Ryan's Notes with the CRU Prices Service, bringing together the best of both. The team is still here - but we are adding to it. The prices (and the specifications behind them) are the same - but we are adding to them. The new service will be even simpler, more convenient to use and more up-to-date.

We are also changing how you choose what to buy. We want to focus on giving you the prices and market updates for the specific commodities which are most important to you. You'll get all the benefits of the service straightaway when we launch in October but you won't need to choose which commodities you want to buy until your subscription renewal.

Key Features:

  • More price assessments: over 150 prices available to you delivered in pricing "baskets":
       - Bulk Ferroalloys
       - Noble Alloys & Minor Metals
       - Nickel
       - Chrome
       - Molybdenum
       - Metallic
  • Flexible delivery:  different views designed for desktop and mobile devices
  • Increased frequency: up-to-date information published several times a week 
  • Historical data: including the weekly and monthly averages, available in excel format for you to manipulate and use in your own internal reports and presentations
  • Datafeeds: available as part of a company-wide licence
  • Email alerts: don't miss out on any key updates with opt-in CRU email alerts
  • Global expertise: the CRU Prices Service teams are based in the US, UK, China, India and Chile

Do I need to do anything to get CRU Prices Service?
No, you don't need to do anything at the moment. When we move over to the enhanced CRU Prices Services in October, you will automatically get access to all six pricing baskets (Bulk Ferroalloys, Noble Alloys & Minor Metals, Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum and Metallics). Your current password to MyCRU will not change. When your subscription comes up for renewal, you will then be able to decide which basket(s) you want to access. This will allow you to tailor your service, accessing the prices and market updates that are of most interest.

Will my colleagues be able to access CRU Prices Service?
You will need a company-wide licence if you wish your colleagues to access the CRU Prices Service. Many companies have people who need full access to our pricing and analysis products but also individuals who need immediate access to prices they can rely on to do their job. For them it's all about convenience, speed and reliability. For CRU, flexibility is key and these company-wide price licences open up access to a much wider audience.

Clients who use our prices in negotiations are increasingly taking advantage of a CRU company-wide licence. This is different from a standard subscription and makes sure clients are using prices in a way that is legally compliant. We take compliance seriously and so do our clients. Any company that relies on CRU prices to settle contracts - what's known in legal terms as commercial use - will want to make sure that they have a proper licence arranged with CRU.

We will contact you soon about your subscription but if you have any questions on CRU Prices Service, please contact Customer Services on: 44 20 7 903 2146 / 1 724 759 7860.

David Schollaert, Editor, Ryan's Notes

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CRU Prices Service provides access to prices and market updates online with historical data provided in a data workbook. Prices are assessed using CRU's robust methodology by trained price assessors and expert analysts.

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