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Over the last five or so years, the paper market in fertilizers has grown as more traders and producers become interested in financial instruments. Key to this growth is a robust and transparent index, used for both hedging and market positioning to protect against price risk.

Fert 3The Fertilizer Index has been an important part of the global market during this growth period, bringing together independent price assessments and using a transparent methodology to provide a robust vehicle for a wide group of market participants to settle fertilizer swaps.

Until recently the Fertilizer Index was only available through the brokers FIS and cleared by LCH.Clearnet. Now the prices which are part of the index will continue to be listed by LCH.Clearnet but will be available to all market participants and licensed brokers (including FIS).

Whether market participants use the index to settle physical contracts or financial instruments, they will be able to rely on the continuity of the prices included.

Fertilizer Week works with two other price assessment providers – ArgusFMB and Informa Fertecon – to create the Index. Every Thursday, data on key prices is combined to form an index. These include prices such as granular urea NOLA and Yuzhnyy, DAP NOLA, granular urea out of China, the Middle East and Brazil, and UAN NOLA and East Coast USA. In some cases these prices are attracting large paper markets, while interest in other prices is much more recent but growing.

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Independent market research commissioned by CRU has confirmed that our hot-rolled coil prices continue to be by far the most valued benchmark for the North American steel industry when buying and selling.

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