Licencing"Because the Industry and Market change on a daily basis, the impact of change is that much greater; therefore, having the CRU Index is a must have for both sellers and buyers, in order to make a sound and robust decision."

If you are referencing a CRU price in your contracts then you need a commercial license

  • External:
    If you are referencing a CRU price in your contractual agreements then you require a commercial license to share price data with external counterparties
  • Internal:
    If several people in your company need to have visibility of a CRU Monitor product or a CRU price then you require a commercial license. The sharing of CRU products including, but not limited to, single prices with colleagues without a license is a  breach of copyright
    If you have any questions on:
    - Your company's existing license
    - Permissions / restrictions on use of CRU Reports / Prices
    - Use of CRU prices in contractual arrangements

    Please contact:
    Glenn Cooney
    Head of Licensing
    Tel: 44 7809 523 780

How much do they cost?
This depends on a number of factors: what type of license you require; how many people require access; how many years you need the license for; in what format you need the data and how often you need it.
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What are the benefits?

  • Avoid copyright infringement, the consequences of which are serious
  • Efficiency: Your colleagues or counterparts — domestic or international — can have simultaneous access to the relevant CRU analysis product or price data
  • Cost effective: Having a commercial license can be considerably cheaper than the per-user equivalent of a subscription
  • Flexible configuration: We can work with you to provide a tailored licensing solution
  • Competitive edge: Your clients will appreciate receiving official validation of the CRU reference price data for your contractual arrangements with you
  • Branding integrity: Your clients will recognise and respect that you have taken a commercial license in order to provide them with access to CRU price data officially. In some instances the publication notification they receive can be branded with your company logo

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Request an official license quotation by completing this online enquiry form
  • Step 2: Provide CRU with the names of your colleagues and/or counterparts             
  • Step 3: Agree the term, users and structure of the license
  • Step 4: Receive the invoice
  • Step 5: Make the license payment
  • Step 6: Acknowledge terms & conditions and gain access

Need to validate a CRU price from a supplier?
If you wish to validate a price you have received from a counterparty, we can in most cases confirm whether it is an official CRU price reference, free of charge.
Simply email the file received from your supplier along with the name of the CRU price and date you wish to validate to 

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Hot-Rolled Coil market research

<strong>Hot-Rolled Coil market research</strong>

Independent market research commissioned by CRU has confirmed that our hot-rolled coil prices continue to be by far the most valued benchmark for the North American steel industry when buying and selling.

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