Licencing"Because the Industry and Market change on a daily basis, the impact of change is that much greater; therefore, having the CRU Index is a must have for both sellers and buyers, in order to make a sound and robust decision."

If you are referencing a CRU price in your contractual arrangements then you need a commercial licence

A commercial licence enables CRU clients to use specified CRU prices / indices for settlement/adjustment of physical or financial contracts with their counterparties.

To enquire about a CRU Commercial Licence, please complete this form

Alternatively, please contact:
Glenn Cooney
Head of Licensing
Direct Tel: 44 20 7903 2056

How much do they cost?
This depends on a number of factors: how many people require access to CRU price data internally; how many CRU prices/indices you are referencing in your commercial arrangements; how many years the licence is needed and how many counterparties you have.

Need to validate a CRU price from a supplier?
If you wish to validate a price you have received from a counterparty, we can in most cases confirm whether it is an official CRU price reference, free of charge.
Simply email the Excel file received from your supplier along with the name of the CRU price and date you wish to validate to 

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CRU Prices Service provides access to prices and market updates online with historical data provided in a data workbook. Prices are assessed using CRU's robust methodology by trained price assessors and expert analysts.

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Hot-Rolled Coil market research

<strong>Hot-Rolled Coil market research</strong>

Independent market research commissioned by CRU has confirmed that our hot-rolled coil prices continue to be by far the most valued benchmark for the North American steel industry when buying and selling.

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