Ferroalloys benchmark

Anyone can make claims about being the leading benchmark provider in a market. We wanted to confirm our belief that CRU publishes the most widely used and respected benchmarks for buyers and sellers in the ferroalloys industry.

An introduction to CRUs Ferroalloys Prices

We commissioned independent market research, interviewing 149 ferroalloys market participants in North America and Europe who use benchmarks in contracts and negotiations. This included bulk ferroalloys,
manganese ore, silicon metal, noble alloys and minor metals, chrome alloys, chrome ore, nickel, molybdenum and metallics.


Why CRU's ferroalloy prices are the industry benchmark

CRU’s ferroalloys prices are published as part of our Monitor service, which incorporates Ryan’s Notes, and provides a full range of global and regional prices, combined with analysis of short-term market developments along with a comprehensive market data service.

Customers can choose from the Bulk Ferroalloys Monitor (which covers the global ferromanganese, silicon metal, silicomanganese, manganese ore, ferrosilicon and manganese metal markets) Chrome MonitorNickel Monitor, Steel Metallics Monitor or Molybdenum Monitor. Customers can also choose to buy a company-wide licence to CRU’s Prices service, which includes all the Monitor prices as well as noble alloys and minor metals prices.

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CRU Prices Service provides access to prices and market updates online with historical data provided in a data workbook. Prices are assessed using CRU's robust methodology by trained price assessors and expert analysts.

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Hot-Rolled Coil market research

<strong>Hot-Rolled Coil market research</strong>

Independent market research commissioned by CRU has confirmed that our hot-rolled coil prices continue to be by far the most valued benchmark for the North American steel industry when buying and selling.

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