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Need to validate a CRU price from a supplier?
If you wish to validate a price you have received from a counterparty, we can in most cases confirm whether it is an official CRU price reference, free of charge.

Simply email the excel file received from your supplier along with the name of the CRU price and date you wish to validate to 

CRU price assessments are published under copyright and the republishing or sharing of CRU price data without permission is illegal.

For example, if you are a subscriber and use CRU prices in your contractual business with your customers you are not entitled to share the CRU price with your customers without a commercial license. This does not include permission to share CRU prices with your customers.

If you have any questions on:
- Your company's existing license
- Permissions / restrictions on use of CRU Reports / Prices
- Use of CRU prices in contractual arrangements

Please contact:
Glenn Cooney
Head of Licensing
Tel: 44 7809 523 780

Click here for information on CRU's fair and practical licensing solutions.

Data providers

If you are interested in contributing to a CRU price assessment by becoming a data provider, please email with the name/s of the price/s that you wish to provide data for.

All data submissions provided to CRU, whether electronic or via telephone, are treated in the strictest confidence. We never reveal the names of our data providers or anything related to the data they have submitted.

Press and republishing
If you are interested in republishing a CRU price assessment, please email outlining which price and date of publication you are seeking permission for and where you wish to publish the price.

For press enquiries related to CRU prices, please email detailing the nature of your enquiry.

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CRU Prices Service provides access to prices and market updates online with historical data provided in a data workbook. Prices are assessed using CRU's robust methodology by trained price assessors and expert analysts.

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Hot-Rolled Coil market research

<strong>Hot-Rolled Coil market research</strong>

Independent market research commissioned by CRU has confirmed that our hot-rolled coil prices continue to be by far the most valued benchmark for the North American steel industry when buying and selling.

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