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CRU is pleased to announce the appointment of Heidi Bryant as Marketing Director, responsible for CRU’s global marketing efforts.

Heidi has over 26 years' experience in marketing, predominantly in blue chip financial services organisations: she has worked for companies like HSBC, Barclays, BlackRock, Merrill Lynch. She is multilingual (French, German, Spanish, Italian) and a qualified translator from French and Spanish into English. She has extensive experience in creating marketing and sales alignment initiatives working with international sales teams and building successful marketing teams. She's also a big advocate of marketing automation and digital marketing technologies.

She's built global marketing teams and complex marketing strategies across the full marketing mix and has enabled companies like HSBC and iShares (BlackRock) to achieve multi-billion-dollar growth. She was responsible for the enabling digital transformation projects, commercialising marketing activities and driving marketing qualified leads into businesses.

Heidi Bryant has all the necessary knowledge and experience to drive the continued growth of the company. I look forward to seeing the benefits that she brings to CRU and our global marketing effort.

David Trafford CEO, CRU Group