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We have 20 copies of Robert Adams' book, 'Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry`, to give away in a raffle. To enter, complete the form below by Tuesday 31st December. The winners will be contacted in early January 2020.

The mining industry faces distinct challenges. Mines have long lives, companies have little control over the prices at which they sell, prices are volatile, and the environmental impacts of mining are often not well managed. Despite this, the mining industry has received relatively little attention from neither economists nor the wider business community. There is a need to address the unique management challenges raised by this globally important industry.

Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry addresses the economics of mining industries and the management of global mining companies in a manner which is both practical and guided by economic and management theory. Leading with the assertion that mining generates substantial benefits for all its stakeholders provided it is well-managed, and that this includes management of environmental impacts, the book argues that mining companies should move to seeing environmental preservation and sustenance of local communities as an objective rather than a constraint.

The book will be an important reference for practitioners working in mining and related industries and to researchers of economic and management theory, mining operations, mining engineering and commodities.


About the authorS and Contents

Robin Adams spent most of his adult life working as a minerals economist with Citibank, his own company Resource Strategies and the CRU Group both in England and the United States. His work included consulting for mining, fabricating and manufacturing companies as well as for international organizations. He died in 2014.

Christopher Gilbert is an Adjunct Professor at the Bologna Centre of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He previously held professorial positions in London, Amsterdam and Trento. He is a Non-Executive Director of CRU International Ltd.

Christopher Stobart worked in the publishing industry and then as a financial journalist before joining CRU International in 1976. He has worked for that company in a variety of capacities since that date.

  • Forward by Robert Perlman
  • Introduction
  • Commodity Price Forecasting Recycling
  • The Marketing of Commodities
  • The Role of Commodity Exchanges in Pricing
  • Price Risk Management
  • Shareholder Value
  • Measuring Mine Production Costs
  • Performance Improvement and Capital Productivity
  • Risk and the Cost of Capital
  • The Mining Cycle
  • The Myths and Realities of Resource Depletion
  • The Environment - Cost or Constraint?
  • Unfinished Business