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Master EconomistLondon, United Kingdom

Posted 20 April 2022

CRU is looking for Masters Economics Graduates to join the London team. CRU creates the highest quality of analysis, consulting and data on commodity markets where change is a constant and economics is highly applicable. 

We have a variety of different roles that suit economists looking to enter the commercial world. In general, we need experts to use models to explain and forecast events, to make our data more usable and to keep our methodologies ever more rigorous and relevant.

The candidate can start upon graduation from their Masters, which can be from June to September 2022, and if you would prefer an internship so as to get to know us, that is also possible.

A bit about us

CRU covers the world’s mining, metals, and fertilizer industries. Our stories really come to life when backed by a strong methodology and come with an estimate of the economic impact. Therefore, CRU’s experts use models to create valuable data including forecasts and scenarios on production, costs, demand, and prices. Our clients use the resulting analysis and data to inform their business decisions.

What kind of person would enjoy this role?

We think this would best suit a creative Economist who likes formalising and solving problems and writing clear explanations but doing so in a team.

What kind of career can you have?

The candidate will be at the heart of a dynamic, global business intelligence company that advises on commodity markets. These roles will allow someone to develop a wide array of transferable skills and will provide a great foundation to the start of a commercial career. Progression to specialisms such as data management, model testing, product development, commodity analysis, consulting, and marketing is encouraged and nurtured.

Some examples of work:

  • Writing reports on key commodity markets and presenting and getting feedback from clients
  • Developing transparent algorithms to extend our forecast of cost inputs into 2050
  • Modelling power price setting across the world
  • Harmonising our metadata on price forecasts.
  • Improvement of the methodology behind our fundamental exchange rate forecasts, adjusting for distinct stages of development and different monetary policies. Training non-economists in the explanation and application of the methodology in front of clients
  • Research into the flows and saturation of Chinese housing market. This was formalised in a model forecasting construction demand for commodities, around which our teams coordinated to develop a powerful common story
  • Modelling the economic impact of copper inventories on global copper prices for copper price forecasting
  • Re-building analysts’ Excel models so that they suit the business needs and enable more creative work

What could the day-to-day work look like?

  • Listen and question users and clients, research, understand, and finally formalise the problems.
  • Sometimes work in a team to create and plan content. Other times work by yourself but always prioritise by commercial goals, and communicate plans and progress proactively.
  • Plan and design a solution that significantly and sustainably improves on the previous forecasting process, algorithms, and models.
  • Work where expertise is needed to tidy meta data and managing others who might be doing larger scale data cleaning and loading.
  • Write explanations, insights, documentation, and client presentations.
  • Research, keep up to date, and implement new methodologies
  • Actively get to know CRU’s staff all over the world and understand their challenges and successes.
  • Train colleagues in methodologies. Promote good practices internally and externally.

About you – What skills and experience are we looking for?

  • A good Master's degree in Economics from a leading university and some experience in applied problem solving
  • Someone who is genuinely be interested about being in the commercial world: this is not a substitute for being an academic researcher.
  • Able to formalise ideas into maths, and explain maths in words
  • Recognises that the writing and presenting of the answers and communicating on the steps are as important as solving the problem itself
  • Able to learn and adapt any applied economic and statistical technique to fit the problem
  • Not wedded to econometric techniques that only work on long, wide and clean time series (the world does not give us much of those)
  • Up for the challenge of making sense of the messiness of the real world while still being rigorous
  • Candidates with some work experience, or previous Internship experience, are especially welcome.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel
  • Knowledge of R is a plus
  • Enthusiastic about applying economics to commodity markets and their supply chains

What kind of person might you be?

  • Someone who is open minded to change and keen to grasp the different challenges of the commercial world.
  • Someone who is collaborative and curious about their colleagues' work, successes, and challenges.
  • Someone who can easily switch between working on high attention to detail and quality and working on simplifying complexity and extracting and presenting the vision to others with clarity and energy, being accountable for their analysis.
  • Someone who is driven to be intellectually curious, eager to learn and push forward their own boundaries.
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