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From investors and policymakers to key stakeholders along the supply chain, there is an increasing emphasis on fertilizer industry sustainability and the path to lower emissions.  

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Fertilizer producers need to understand the emissions landscape from new technologies to competitive positioning. Investors need transparency to emissions data and access to actionable insights gained from understanding the fertilizer market outlook. And the energy sector too must understand nitrogen emissions and the critical role of green ammonia, a potentially more sustainable source of energy and marine fuel.  

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Low Emissions Ammonia 

Emissions Analysis Tool

Fertilizers and the transition to net zero


Evaluating the nitrogen industry’s carbon challenge

Carbon emissions have become a key topic for commodity industry stakeholders over recent years. Within the fertilizer industry, nitrogen is the most exposed of the sectors...

30 April 2021   
Topics: Emissions, Nitrogen


CRU Fertilizers – Top Ten Calls of 2022

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Food to fuel: Critical emissions considerations for the nitrogen industry

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China’s pathway to net-zero: implications for industries

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Global energy crunch: Where is the end?

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Spotlight and Blogs

Fertilizer Week: Real time news and weekly pricing

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COP26: Real progress or more hot air?

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Spotlight and Blogs

China’s net zero carbon emissions target:

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