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Reducing emissions is among the top priorities of organisations around the world, and many, such as Rio Tinto Vale and Anglo American, have set targets towards net-zero emissions which are monitored centrally.

CRU’s experts in analysis, economics and consulting have developed a series of Q&As which address key questions and concerns that businesses are thinking about right now…

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With companies such as BHP Billiton and Norsk Hydro now linking executive bonuses to environmental KPIs, the need for verified emissions numbers supported by robust and transparent methodologies has never been more important.

We understand that businesses need answers to some of these challenging questions...

  • How could trade flows be impacted as a result of CO2 pricing and carbon border tariffs (and other emissions policy)?

  • Which producers are in a better position to export low CO2e commodities and vice versa?

  • How will carbon border taxes and carbon prices impact individual plant costs and the shape of the cost curve over time?

CRU has developed a portfolio of Global Carbon Emissions Services which will provide answers to these questions and will give you access to the analysts behind the numbers for ongoing support. We have also developed a web-based Emissions Analysis Tool that will enable you to understand emissions data at the company and asset level to make better decisions.

CRU’s commodity expertise, depth of emissions coverage and robust methodologies – developed over 50 years of independent research and analysis – will enable you to make emissions decisions quickly and effectively. We have in-depth emissions and cost data on all parts of the steel and aluminium supply chain, as well as a deep understanding of the impacts of policies such as the EU ETS and IAI on both producers and buyers.

We are committed to providing the gold standard benchmark on emissions data to enable our clients make genuine strides towards net zero. From off-the-shelf cost services and web-based data tools, through to bespoke consulting and advice, CRU is your partner in understanding, managing and ultimately reducing your emissions.

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