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Buyers and investors are demanding proof that aluminium producers are working towards Net Zero CO2 targets.

Delivering Net Zero is a business imperative – but plotting your strategy and understanding how to achieve it takes real insight and understanding.

Built on standardised, verified, independent analysis, CRU's Global Carbon Emissions Services give you instant access to benchmarks across assets, processes and geographies.

Benefit from standardised emissions calculations and like-for-like comparisons across markets and cut the time spent analysing emissions with our accurate, up-to-date bottom-up data.

Trust us to help you:

  • Fully understand your emissions from 'cradle to gate' and make greener sourcing decisions that help to reduce Scope 3 emissions

  • Compare the emissions of assets, companies and value chains on a like-for-like basis with our standardized emissions calculations

  • Forecast how changing emissions legislation will impact costs for smelters, refineries and miners across the value chain

  • Predict how carbon border tariffs will influence your competitive position vs imports

  • Enjoy accurate, impactful data form an acknowledged industry leader, at your fingertips

  • Benefit from the industries first centralized, standardised data view of your company, competitors and market

With reliable and accurate data and direct access to the analysts behind the numbers, we are your trusted guide to achieving Net Zero.


CRU Global Carbon Emissions Services 

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