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With the metals and minerals you buy presenting the lion’s-share of your supply chain emissions, understanding how to reduce, control and measure them takes specialist knowledge.

Having our data at your fingertips can make the difference between meeting aggressive targets and slipping behind. By benchmarking global producers, we give you the intelligence to confidently determine prices and plan for tariff changes. Working with us means taking the guess work out of purchasing with the accurate, evidence-based data and analysis you need to find your way through the emissions maze. 

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Trust us to help you:

  • Incorporate emissions data into your procurement strategy
  • Measure how ‘green’ the materials you purchase really are
  • Understand carbon border tariffs and compare these with your competitors
  • Work with suppliers to improve emissions performance
  • Discover the steps your suppliers are taking to reduce emissions
  • Identify low-carbon options and determine the real cost of choosing them
  • Predict the cost of future carbon price increases
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