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Equipment, power, people, materials -  as a supplier to the aluminium and steel industries it’s never been more vital to understand the carbon emissions challenges your customers face.

With our help you can play your part in helping your customers meet their net zero targets with services and solutions tailored to meet their needs. With our data and insight you can navigate the complex world of emissions regulation and focus on the issues that will build customer loyalty and help you to win new business. 

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Trust us to help you:

  • Understand your customers position on the CO2 curve
  • Appreciate the impact of investment and operational decisions
  • Measure the impact of your own products and services
  • Create your own CO2 strategy
  • Maintain a commercial edge by staying ahead of changing regulation
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China announces ambitious plans for carbon neutrality before 2060

On 22 September, in a statement to the United Nations General Assembly, President Xi Jinping announced to world leaders that China “aims to have CO2 emissions peak before...

By John Johnson & Ashley Wang 30 September 2020   
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The future of green premia:

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Five features of the pandemic recovery

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EU Steel: Why carbon matters more with Covid-19

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Macro survey results: Not the ‘roaring’ twenties

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Top 10 Calls For 2020

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EU ETS compensation rules are changing – how will you be affected?

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Opportunities and challenges of renewable power for miners

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