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Speaker Matthew Watkins

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View our latest Global Steel Trade Service webcast on-demand. 


Matt Watkins discusses developments at the global level in the internationally-traded steel market. Prices have risen strongly in recent months, especially for flats and in Asia. 

Topics discussed

  • What do rising prices mean for margins and what prospects are there of it continuing?
  • Initial look at the US-China Phase 1 trade deal from the perspective of steel
  • How is the global scrap market shaping up as we move into winter?

The webcast was recorded on 17 January as part of the monthly webcast series within CRU's Global Steel Trade service. View the recording on-demand (~ 25 minutes) via the link below.

Get in touch to learn more and discuss the global steel market with our experts. 


Speaker Matthew Watkins

Principal Analyst View profile


The CRU Steel team sets the standard for providing in-depth market analysis and forecasts, price assessments and cost analysis for the global steel industry.


  • Finished Steel
  • Iron and Steelmaking
  • Merchant Slab and Billet


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