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Dissecting the post US election shake up of the copper market

By Robert Edwards

Up until the end of October, the copper price had effectively been range-bound at between $4,500/t and $5,000/t for the whole of 2016, aside from a brief dip below $4,400/t in January. Had you told anyone connected with the industry that within a month the price would have touched $6,000/t, it would have elicited various responses, most of which would probably have been unrepeatable on the printed page.

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Environmental tightening in China and the impact on the calcined coke market

By Terece Muir

Environmental pressures on the Chinese market came to the fore over the last few months and calcined coke (CPC) and anode producers are under increased scrutiny. Inspectors have been enforcing compliance of existing emission standards and this has resulted in curtailments and closures of Chinese calcining and anode capacity.

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India: Demonetisation of currency and its implications

By Mahesh Goenka

On 8th November 2016, the Government of India demonetised INR 500 and 1000 currency notes, the highest denominations in the country at that time, with effect from the following midnight.

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Trump in the White House – what is the impact on the US steel industry?

By Josh Spoores

The net upside for US steel demand has been boosted by the election of Trump.

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