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Chinese mine costs: findings from a recent trip

By Piotr Ortonowski

China is the third largest producer of mined copper in the world, but also one of the least well understood. As such, we have recently undertaken a three-week research trip to the nation aimed at improving our understanding of Chinese copper mine costs and ensuring that the highest quality data is contained within CRU's Copper Mining Cost Model, which, uniquely, provides 100% coverage of the copper mining industry.

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The changing coal tar supply-demand dynamics

By Terece Muir

This year has been marked with closures of steel furnaces which have adversely affected coal tar production in some countries. Most notably, US steel producers which have been struggling against steel imports have cut hot metal production.

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China’s accumulation problem: the coming scrap age

By Chris Asgill

Steelmakers in China have, for much of recent history, consumed a low level of scrap in steelmaking.

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Shift-to-quality in the iron ore market

By Serafino Capoferri

After years of phenomenal growth, in the ‘new-normal’ for the iron ore market, value is expected to shift from volume to quality. As China restructures its steel sector, we expect structurally higher demand for pellet, pellet feed and higher grade sinter fines in the long-term.

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