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CRU’s alumni community

Within the CRU community, we have a special place for CRU alumni and friends. Shared experiences are valued and bonds remain regardless of where paths may take us. We want to stay connected with those who have been part of the CRU family and network and make the most of opportunities to come together – for knowledge-sharing, seeing what’s new and catching-up on developments.

If you would like to keep updated on what’s new at CRU, see when team members may be attending an event near you, or find out when we’re hosting a social gathering in your area, please send us a few details via the form below.

What’s new at CRU

Markets are moving, technology is evolving and at CRU we understand that data expertise is more important than ever for businesses to operate more efficiently and scale more sustainably. We have all the elements to help address these challenges through being the premier data intelligence partner for the world’s largest organisations. Take a look at how we continue building success for us and our partners by embracing the values of being always adaptable, consistently collaborative and positively proactive.