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CRU launches Battery Metals Market Outlook

Interest in the electric vehicles (EVs) market has exploded over the past year, driven by strong improvements to battery technology and increased engagement from traditional automotive companies.

EVs are forecast to experience a steep rise in availability, affordability and performance against traditional automotives. This is likely to result in EVs becoming a significant part of total automotive sales, which has major implications for a wide range of commodities including cobalt, lithium, nickel, manganese, copper and lead.

CRU has developed one of the most sophisticated models for simulating EV production and sales currently in use in the industry. This has allowed us to undertake a wide range of studies and projects covering the automotive market for our customers. With this industry insight, CRU is launching a Battery Metals Market Outlook which will combine results from our EV models with our deep knowledge of commodity markets. This will allow us to analyse the effect of the rise in EV adoption on a wide range of commodities over the long term.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the battery market, the long-term aspect of the report will be scenario-driven as opposed to purely demand-driven. By doing this, CRU seeks to give a balanced and well-researched view of the trajectory of the battery market.

George Heppel CRU analyst and Battery Metals Market Outlook editor

The new service provides a 25 year demand forecast for those commodities relevant to the development of electric vehicles, battery storage and related technology; this forecast will be updated as market conditions change. This will be supported by regular analysis of technical, legislative and business issues, as well as discussion of price developments.

The service will be essential for any company impacted by the development of this market, including miners, battery manufacturers, automotive companies, traders and banks. 

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