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CRU and AFAP renew African fertilizer and agribusiness development strategic partnership

Building on over five years of working together, CRU and AFAP have renewed their commitment to combining their strengths to support clients in their understanding of Africa’s fertilizer and agribusiness markets and the opportunities presented by Africa’s wealth of natural resources for fertilizer raw materials.

Population growth, low crop yields, and soil degradation have meant that for many years Africa has faced a high food security risk, with many African countries reliant on food imports. To improve crop yields and avert a food crisis, fertilizers will play a vital role. The abundance of arable land for agriculture and the current low fertilizer application rates point to a huge demand potential that is yet to be unlocked.

CRU Group and African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) have built a strategic partnership to provide a better service to clients with an interest in African fertilizer and agribusiness industries. The two organisations have developed a strong working relationship, combining CRU’s global perspective on fertilizer trends and detailed market data, with AFAP’s deep understanding and close contact with Africa’s fertilizer and agribusiness markets.

We are excited to renew this strategic partnership. Through joint event collaborations and consultancy projects, CRU and AFAP offer a unique and comprehensive service to participants in the African fertilizer and agribusiness space.

Jason Scarpone President and CEO - AFAP

Event Collaborations

CRU and AFAP have produced the Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness conference series. These events offer unrivalled networking opportunities with senior decision makers from the biggest fertilizer buyers and manufacturers in some of the world’s fastest growing fertilizer markets. Over five previous editions, this important series has centred discussions on how partnership, investment and innovation can boost fertilizer trade and allow agribusiness to flourish across Africa.

As travel restrictions and social distancing measures remain in place, CRU and AFAP have developed a new virtual platform to continue to keep the international fertilizer industry supplied with the latest information and access to key contacts from across Africa.

The Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Virtual Conference is being held between 14 – 16 September 2020 and more details can be found here:

Our attendees will have the opportunity to safely stay connected and informed at a time when it is most important that we maintain the progress that has been made in improving Africa’s fertilizer trade and agribusiness development.

Nicola Coslett Chief Executive Officer - CRU Events

Joint Consulting Projects

CRU Consulting, the management consultancy division of CRU, is focused on providing bespoke research, analysis and strategic advice to the fertilizer, metals, and mining industries.

CRU and AFAP’s experts are able to deliver joint consultancy projects that provide insightful and data-driven solutions for our customers and their stakeholders with an interest in African nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizer markets. Our combined networks, deep understanding of market issues, plus robust forecasting methodologies enable clients to make informed and robust decisions related to project feasibility and sales and marketing strategy through to policy support and scenario analysis.

Our clients are increasingly seeking clarity on these rewarding but still opaque African fertilizer markets. With our joint offering of on-the-ground experts, a strong reputation amongst the financial community, and detailed data across the African agribusiness value chain, we remain best placed to unlock these opportunities for clients.

Josie Armstrong Head of Fertilizer and Chemicals Consulting - CRU.