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Josie re-joined CRU Consulting in 2018. Josie has 13 years’ experience in commodities consulting, defining and managing projects across geographies, products and purposes.

Josie is responsible for the marketing, business development, and delivery of consulting projects in the fertilizer and related chemicals business, primarily related to nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers and their raw material markets. In addition to fertilizers, Josie has experience of consulting across commodities, including aluminium, copper, tungsten, and iron ore, amongst others.

After leaving CRU in 2011, Josie worked for BP and Integer Research, and over 2013-2018 was in charge of Integer’s consulting business covering fertilizers, wire and cable, and emissions control. In this role, she assisted fertilizer market participants in making strategic decisions related to project feasibility, M&A, and sales and marketing strategy, and contributed to developing new fertilizer market analysis.

Over 2005-2011 Josie worked at CRU in both London and Australia, providing consulting and analysis primarily on non-ferrous metals and mine infrastructure.

Josie holds a Masters in Chinese and Business from the University of Leeds, and an MA (Hons) in European Union Studies with German from the University of Edinburgh.