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Sola joined CRU Consulting in 2011 from CRU's Aluminium Analysis team, where she was responsible for research in the Aluminium products market and contributed to the team's regular output.

She has managed a wide variety of consultancy projects in the aluminium industry since joining CRU Consulting, including market reports on downstream aluminium products, aluminium scrap, bauxite and wire and cable. She has also previously worked on a project analysing a possible joint venture between a State government and an aluminium producer, market reviews and competitiveness studies for bauxite and alumina projects as well as studies on extruded products.

Away from the aluminium industry, Sola has also worked on strategy and valuation projects covering the potash, sulphuric acid and ferrosilicon markets. She has presented CRU's view of the aluminium market at a number of conferences and industry events.

Sola holds a BSc Chemistry and Business Studies degree and an MSc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick.