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Laura joined CRU Consulting in January 2016. She is a project manager for Steel and Steel Raw Materials, delivering reports to a wide range of customers from miners to trading companies.

Laura's recent work involves scenario analysis to help determine risk around an investment, modelling of the steel value chain to evaluate the impact of increasing availability of scrap in China and cost benchmarking to compare the competitiveness of global operations.

Prior to this role, Laura worked in the CRU Analysis team for seven years, focusing on steelmaking raw materials markets. As the editor of three of CRU's iron ore market analysis reports, Laura has a strong understanding of supply and demand fundamentals, alongside prices and costs in the industry. Laura was the main point of contact for CRU's iron ore customers in CRU Analysis and is close to the day-to-day movements of the market, given her wide contact base. With this experience, Laura has spoken at many industry conferences and seminars, as well as sat on expert panels explaining the rationale for CRU's iron ore forecasts.

Prior to her career at CRU, Laura completed a first degree in Management Sciences at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Laura also has a law degree from the College of Law in London.

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